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NonProfit Capacity Building Training_FINAL

Join us in 2019 and 2020 for a FREE, local, stipend-funded training for nonprofit organizations!

Program Description 


We are looking for nonprofit organizations throughout Imperial County to participate to participate in a new capacity building training. This program aims to help nonprofits transform their health impact, inspire innovation, boost success, and sustain change more effectively. Organizations will learn to better identify root causes of community health issues, enhance their ability to sustain funding, and cultivate empowering work environments and successful partnerships. As a result, these organizations will be able to develop long lasting partnerships with various stakeholders who work towards improving health throughout Imperial County.

Target organizations include nonprofits that are currently aligned or have interest in working towards alignment with the Imperial County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP 2017-2021). The Imperial County CHIP report is a living document that provides guidance to community members and stakeholders working collectively toward improving the wellness of Imperial County by aligning initiatives or efforts to community-identified priorities.  The shared vision that guides the Imperial County CHIP is: "A community that supports and empowers all people to thrive and be healthy."


The training opportunity will be awarded to up to ten nonprofits. It is highly suggested that at least two representatives from each nonprofit are selected to take part in the training, however, nonprofits are welcome to send a single representative based on their capacity. The first portion of training will occur from October 2019-January 2020; representatives will participate in three, three-day, in-person workshops, 1-2 hour online class meetings, and a one-on-one site visit (scroll down for the detailed timeline).  Site visits will occur so that trainers can meet one-on-one with each nonprofit and gain a better understanding of the operations and management of the organizations to better address various nonprofits’ needs throughout the program. Each workshop session will provide a combination of activities, presentations and engaging tools.  Nonprofits will be able to implement these resources within their organizations and improve their day-to-day operations. The outcomes of one workshop will help the participants understand the materials for the next workshop, and thus result in a comprehensive set of tools, knowledge, and resources.

After the workshops are completed, participants will be expected to work internally with their respective organizations to develop Education, Outreach and Marketing (EO&M) material that will support their efforts moving forward. The EO&M materials will incorporate all elements learned from the workshop sessions. During the months of February-May, 2020, the program trainers will conduct a one-on-one site visit and contact nonprofits via conference calls to assist in the completion of this final product. The EO&M will enhance a nonprofit's ability to effectively communicate, from a systemic approach, their work to different targeted audiences. The participants will be required to present their final EO&M to the Local Health Authority Commission in June 2020. By the conclusion of the training, participating organizations will have increased their abilities and developed new methods to improve their impact on health in Imperial County.


Nonprofit organizations accepted will have an opportunity to qualify for a stipend that will be prorated to the nonprofit agency based on representative attendance to required meetings/events. The stipend amount is up to $5,000 for each representative; the maximum an organization can receive is $10,000, or two funded representatives. If more than two representatives are accepted to the training on behalf of any single organization, stipends are only valid for representatives one and two as listed on the application. There will be no additional stipend award to the organization for representatives three and four as listed on the application. Stipends will be paid to the organizations to cover loss of staff time, not to the participants themselves. 

*Representatives are expected to attend each of the three in-person workshop sessions, the site visits, the online class meetings and participate in the assignments/final project in order for the organization to receive the stipend.  Each organization should, therefore, plan for the representatives' absences accordingly.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the training and stipends.


This training program and its workshops will be led by Environmental Financing Center West (EFCWest). The workshop trainers will be Sarah Diefendorf and Elaine McCarty; check out their bios here.

 Timeline & Agenda Overview


All workshop sessions (1,2,3) will take place in-person, locally in Imperial County. The site visits will be in-person, one-on-one's for each organization with the program trainers.

  • Application Opens: July 3, 2019 
  • Application Closes: August 13, 2019
  • Award Notification: September 6, 2019
  • Workshop Session #1: October 8 -10, 2019
  • Site Visits: Week of October 21, 2019
  • Workshop Session #2: November 19-21, 2019
  • Online Class Meetings: December 17-18, 2019
  • Workshop Session #3: January 14-16, 2020 
  • Site Visits: Week of March 2, 2020
  • Drafting EO&Ms: April 2020
  • Final EO&Ms Due: May 2020
  • Local Health Authority Presentation: June 2020
  • Participant Interviews: May-June 2020



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Applicant Criteria 


This training aims to enrich the growth and development of Imperial County’s nonprofits' working towards the health initiatives outlined in the Imperial County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Overall, nonprofit organizations will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Evidence of the nonprofits' commitment to, and ability to carry out its mission
  • The nonprofit's current and planned alignment of efforts with the Imperial County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Readiness and potential for organization to contribute to Imperial County's CHIP priorities 

Additionally, each organization's selected representatives will also contribute to the scoring as representatives are considered an important part of the application. The representatives will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Experience in, and demonstration of, leading change
  • Anticipated ability and authority to apply program learning and changes within the organization.


The organizational and individual requirements for this program include:

  • Must be a 501C3 nonprofit or under a fiscal sponsor that is a 501C3 and provide current copies of Federal Form 990 and State Form SI-100.
  • Must have a Board of Directors if a nonprofit, or an Advisory Board if under a fiscal sponsor and provide a list of those board members.
  • Nonprofit is based in, or has an office in, Imperial County.
  • Nonprofit representatives must be at least 18 years old.
  • Nonprofit representatives must possess an ability to speak, read and write English.


The application period opened from Wednesday, July 3, 2019 and closed at 11:59 AM on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

Important: We recommend that each organization review the application questions before starting the electronic application so that you are able to prepare your answers ahead of time. While the electronic application is not timed, if you exit the application, you will need to start your application over again. Application will only be accepted electronically.  

In addition to application questions, the application requires all organization to upload three documents:

  • A current copy of Federal Form 990
  • A current copy of State Form SI-100
  • A letter of commitment (click on FAQ link below for details about what the letter must contain). 


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



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