Mental Health Crisis System: Developing a Roadmap for Improvements

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5150 Management



We are partnering with Resource Development Associates (RDA) to create a roadmap that will serve as a guide for how our community can improve the local mental health crisis response system (also referred to as "5150* management") and reduce acute care hospital boarding of psychiatric patients.  Responding to mental health crises requires coordination and communication between many sectors to include emergency response, medical, and law enforcement, among others.  It can be challenging to navigate residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis through this multi-sector response system.  The 5150 Management Initiative was created to improve our community's ability to provide the right care at the right time in the right place. 

 *"5150" is a number taken from the California Welfare & Institutions Code that is used place a person on a 72-hour medical hold for evaluation and treatment when a person represents a danger to themselves or other, or is gravely disabled.  

More information about this 5150 Management Initiative coming soon!